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awardshowjunkie's Journal

Award Show Discussion Community
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Do you rant constantly about your favorite celebrity not winning an award, or not even being nominated when they really deserved to be? Are you happy and overjoyed that a certain person did win? Do you plan your schedule around award shows, starting from the arrivals on the red carpet, to the after parties? I know I certainly do all of the above.

This is a community for people who want to voice their opinions about award shows, nominees, past winners and loosers, best dressed, worst dressed, etc.

Anything pertaining to any award show is open for discussion. :)


1.) Be considerate of other people's thoughts on something. Yes, discussions are aloud here; that's what this community is for, but no bashing others because you don't agree with what they have to say. That's all I ask of you.

2.) No off-topic posts, such as quizzes and personal entries.

3.) Most importantly, have fun. :)

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