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Best Picture Nominees

I know the Academy Awards were a while back but I figured no one else has posted in a while and I need to vent. The following I wrote after watching Hotel Rwanda Tuesday night. Lemme know what you think.

"I've watched all of the Best Picture nominees for Oscars this year except Finding Neverland and was disgusted when I considered that Hotel Rwanda was not even nominated for Best Picture. It got 3 nods for script and performances, which didn't win. Primarly the source of my rage is from the fact that the movie Sideways WAS nominated for best picture. Sideways is this self-indulgent piece of POOP about neurotic white upper class male's and their psuedo (mostly self inflicted) mid-life crisis. And while the performances were pretty good (all internalized intellectual stuff no passion at all like Hotel Rwanda) there was hardly anything likeable about the characters and the story was pretty much "oh I'm trying to live life to the fullest but I'm too pathetic to do that...oh well." At best it's just a supremely insulting irony that a picture about how the white world turned its back on Africans slaughtering each other was overlooked for a couple of nebbish assholes. Grrrr. I don't mean to imply there's racism going on in the Academy. After all this year was the largest amount of African American actors ever to be nominated and win (I think) ever. But honestly. HR is being refered to as an African Schindler's List and while I don't like the glib pop culturey comparisson and simplification of a masterpiece, Schindler's List DID win Best Picture."

Normally my feelings about movies aren't so political but..1 million dead tends to give person pause.
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