Voldemorticia (easy_peasy_24) wrote in awardshowjunkie,

hi, all!, and shameless plug/promo/ad

Hey! Just posting, to say that I'm a new member, and hi everybody!

Well, actually, I also have a shameless plug/promo/ad to share, as well, but it's for a community about working the red carpet at events such as award shows... I dunno if this is allowed, and if not you may edit/delete this post as you see fit, but yeah--I have started a new community which is mostly about attending red carpet events and getting yourself famous (plus, if you're famous, you get invited to more award shows). Here it is: redcarpeters Check it out, and if you decide to join, yay! No auto-accepts, because I will accept people very easily, but please post an app!
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